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The ideal partners are in education and community-based organizations.

For a complimentary consultation:


Dollar Bill in Jar


Assist for-profit and non-profit organizations with short-term fundraising projects and long-term fund development plans to create sustainability and building relationships with the community in understanding the organizations relevance. 

  • Grant Writing & Sponsorship Services

  • Fund Development Plan

  • Basic Proposal Writing  Training 

  • Organizational Budget 

Quick Sync


Developing leaders and Board Members to define their vision for the future and identify their organization's goals and objectives.

  • Organizational Assessment

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Program Development

  • Strategic Development Plan

Working Together

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The world is becoming more diverse everyday. There is value in creating a more equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace and classroom including higher engagement and productivity. 

  • Professional Development

  • How to build a more inclusive workplace

  • Restorative Justice Circles

  • (Coming Soon): Workplace Evaluation

Green Plant

"What is planted in each person’s soul will sprout."

- Rumi

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