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Rodgers has over 15 years of experience working in schools and youth development non-profit organizations in California, Minnesota, Louisiana, D.C., and South Africa. Rodgers' experience collaborating with educators, activists, and mental health professionals across the nation have fueled her passion for transforming systems and policies impacting disenfranchised communities, including holding space as a ‘Circle Keeper’ or Restorative Justice Facilitator.

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Rodgers has always had a love for music and wrote her first song in 10th grade. She started seeing music as a reality when she lived in New Orleans, LA and she wrote lyrics to Duke Ellington's 1923 jazz instrumental Creole Love Call. Sitting in with bands she created "Jadesiree and the St. Roch Stompers" a traditional jazz band. Performing in New Orleans and in New York. Rodgers then left New Orleans to be closer to her ill mother and started writing her own music. She is in the process of producing her first EP! Stay tuned!

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Rodgers newest venture is with Traveling Vineyard! She does free in-person and virtual wine tasting and food pairing parties! Living 50 miles from Napa, a wine lovers Mecca, she is learning about how wines are processed and how to pair the perfect snack and meal with the wine varietal.


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